Dwtailed design “Čivlak”



The section of the highway E-75-LOT 6, locality “Čivlak“, on the chainage from km 899+071.09 to km 899+257.77, construction of the reinforced earth embankment instead of the viaduct, channeling of the Čivlak stream and culvert construction. On the locality Čivlak, on the chainage from km 899+071.09 to km 899+257.77, according to the Detailed Design of the highway E-75 Belgrade-Niš-border with the FYRoM, Caričina Dolina – Vladičin Han, there are viaducts that are necessary to be replaced with reinforced earth embankments. The basic reason for the redesign is the construction cost reduction, by retaining of the existing property rights and by the achievement of all functional parameters, referring to the movement of people and animals, and establishing continuity of streams on site. The alternative for viaducts is 2 walls out of the reinforced earth, on the left and the right bank of the road cross-section, of the various lengths, as a consequence of the terrain settings and integration to the planned functional elements of the highway. Steel culverts are designed on the section of the highway E-75 Lot 6 Caričina Dolina – Vladičin Han, on the section of the bridge redesign, on the chainage km 899+071.09 to km 899+257.77 (Čivlak). Chainages of designed culverts are as follows: km 899+170.00 (VT24); and km 899+215.58 (VF8).

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