MERIDIJANPROJEKT company was founded in Belgrade in 1989 as private company for provision of geodetic works.

Growth of the company created the need for market expansion and hiring the best staff, and in 1996 we opened offices in Libya, Tripoli, which became the main focus of our business.

Meridijanprojekt continued with its operations in Serbia as subsidiary of SAPUTNIK-M DOO by opening offices in Sombor in 2002. At the same time, the company started working in the field of road infrastructure design in Libya.

By opening project offices in Novi Sad and Belgrade in 2012, the company expanded its business activities to design of gas pipeline infrastructure, as well as road infrastructure design in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

In accordance with our business policy of growth and development of business activities, branch office AGROMERIDIJAN for production and sale of cereals has been founded in Sombor in 2014. The investment cycle of constructing facilities for reception and storage of agricultural products, as well as procurement of agricultural machinery, has been started.

Further growth and development will continue in 2015.

Branch Hidromeridijan was established, the one for designing and engineering in hydrogeology and geothermal research, by hiring experts with vast experience in this field.

Over 25 years of experience in geodesy, with over 3500 km of road design and over 1700 km of gas pipeline behind, puts Meridijanprojekt among most successful designing companies in Serbia.

Investing into business development, expansion of business activity, modernization of equipment and professional training of staff is the basic philosophy and at the same time key to success of MERIDIJANPROJEKT.



Business policy of MERIDIJANPROJEKT represents a framework for definition of company goals.

Business policy is based on establishment of market-oriented business system. Continuous improvement of business processes is aimed at achieving high quality of service, which allows for business excellence and service satisfaction.

Business policy is achieved through:

  • Compliance with deadlines and performance of contractual obligations regarding preparation of project documentation;
  • Continuous innovation of business process, keeping track of new achievements in our line of work and modernization of equipment;
  • Focusing on complex projects which required specialized knowledge of employees in order to achieve competitive advantage;
  • Competence and commitment of management to service quality, process efficiency, innovative project solutions and profitable operations;
  • Market research, both domestically and abroad, with an aim of keeping existing and opening new markets for company’s business activities;
  • Responsible attitude to society and environment, as well as to safety, health and implementation of ethical norms to employees;
  • Full involvement of all employees in process realization followed by continuous education, training, advanced training, specialization and motivation of employees;
  • Monitoring behaviour of competing companies performing the same business activities as we, with continuous improvement of company’s performance to achieve leadership position;
  • Respecting requests of all parties involved in business processes (owners, buyers, suppliers, employees, state authorities, as well as the society, as a whole).


Combining our skills and experience, with respecting the interest of the community, we add value for the client by offering sustainable design solutions the improve the quality of the environment.


Here you can download a list of our finished projects and convince yourself of our expertise.